Company Overview

Founded by Mr. Adel Ismail Khalifa in 2003, Career Finders has been serving the Egyptian Business Community for over a successful decade.

Mr. Khalifa grew up in New York. He spent 23 years in New York and 2 years in New Jersey. Mr. Khalifa is an American Egyptian. He combines the understanding of Western Work ethic + Eastern Culture. He has successfully Ran Four Marathons globally always under four hours. He is always pushing himself to greater heights. This spirit is reflected directly into dedication, determination to get the job done at the highest level.

Mr. Khalifa has 25+ Years Experience at the highest levels. Mr. Khalifa worked for One of the Leading Staffing firms in the United States owned by Goldman Sachs in the heart of Wall Street. Where he learned from the very best in the industry while achieving the highest results. Mr. Khalifa later joined Mars on the corporate side as a National Staffing Manager. These experiences are part of the foundation of what is today Career Finders.


We at Career Finders understand your needs because we have been there. We understand. We get it. We combine Western Know How with the understanding of Our Eastern Culture. We Combine Consultancy experience with Corporate experience.


We are here to serve you with a smile. We are committed. We are competitive. We are professional. We understand business. We are proactive. We are ethical. We are determined. We are winners. We care. We are different.